Setting up VRay rendering

This tutorial shows how to set up 3DS Max to render for VRay.

  1. Rendering tab – Render Setup
    1. Common tab – Assign Renderer
      1. Production: V-Ray Edu 2.40.03
      2. Material Editor should be locked and say VRay
    2. Time Output
      1. √ Single
    3. Output size
      1. choose width and height for final size of your render. Leave this fairly small for doing test renders, but then put in actual size for your final render
  2. V-Ray tab
    1. leave most of these be, but
    2. image sampler: type: Adaptive DMC
  3. Indirect Illumination tab
    1. √ ON
      1. primary bounce: irradiance map
      2. secondary bounce: light cache
    2. Irradiance Map
      1. current preset: medium
    3. Options
      1. √ show calculation phase
    4. Light Cache
      1. √ show calculation phase
      2. subdivs: 2000
      3. sample size: 0.01

This is just for the initial setting up for rendering. Once you do this, you won’t have to do it again unless you want to change the global rendering settings again. Otherwise, after this, you can set up lights and cameras and render whatever you’d like.